2 teens killed in Milwaukee fatal shooting; community responds

Two families are making funeral plans after two teenagers were shot and killed over the weekend in Milwaukee.

Both kids were just 15 years old.

The community is mourning after the fatal shooting that happened near 14th and Halsey on Saturday, May 18, just after 10:30 p.m.

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Grey McEachern is still shaken up by what she saw, processing the gunshots and aftermath she and her boyfriend encountered outside her apartment.

14th and Halsey 

"It was horrifying, it was terrifying. There was a giant pool of blood around his head. It was terrifying," McEachern said. "He was holding pressure on the kid who was laying down, holding pressure on his stomach with the blanket and I rushed to the other kid and he was not responsive."

She said before heading out to help, they noticed a group of males dressed in black running down the street.

"I didn't know what to do because I just, I was in shock," she said. "I couldn't fathom somebody doing this, especially kids."

The Milwaukee Police Department said the incident is still under investigation. It’s sparked an even bigger discussion about gun use in the community.

"I am continually calling on our partners in the Legislature and in Washington, D.C. to do something to do something more to make sure incidents like this don't happen," said Mayor Cavalier Johnson. "We have far too many people who have too easy access to guns who shouldn’t, and these are the results we see in the streets."

Community activist Tracey Dent said it’s happening too often, and with easy access to guns in the neighborhood, kids are easily exposed to violence.

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"As a community we need to reach out to our youth more and let them be part of the solution instead of us dictating what's wrong, bring the youth to the table," Dent said.

Efforts that can help heal a community as a whole.

"I just feel so horrible for their families because they were so young," McEachern said. 

West Allis Central High School leaders say Monroe Weso, one of the teens that was killed in the shooting, attended the school. They are offering support for students and staff.