Winter starting off mild and likely to stay that way to end the year

Calendar Winter starts on Monday, Dec. 21 at 4:30 a.m. and will mark the start of our shortest period of daylight for the year as we reach the Winter Solstice. We'll only have 9 hours and 1 second of daylight but only gain daylight after that!

By Dec. 22 we go to 9 hours and 3 seconds of daylight but over time this minor increase accelerates more and more as we get to the Spring Equinox. 

Weather-wise we won't be feeling much like winter as high temperatures look to stay at least in the 40s. While there are snow chances Wednesday, Dec. 23 up north, we're still looking bleak in terms of accumulating snowfall anytime soon. 

6-Day Planner Dec. 17-22

The 8-14 temperature outlook through the end of Dec. is keeping us warmer than average at least through the end of the year most likely. So far, we've missed out on below-average temperatures for more than a hand full of days in a row.

Most of the snow-free ground still hasn't frozen and likely won't until January.