What England's heat wave would be like in Milwaukee

On Tuesday, July 19 Coningsby, England hit a record high temperature of 104.5 °F – beating the previous record high for the country of 101.7 °F set in 2019. 

Proportionally compared to Milwaukee with our record high of 105 on July 24, 1934, that would be like us hitting nearly 108 °F! 

Proportionally this is what their heatwave would have been like in Milwaukee

We're in a heatwave of our very own but comparing two different climates and locations usually gets quite dicey so let's put it even more into perspective. 

England and the rest of the United Kingdom have a very stable climate compared to the United States and in particular Wisconsin thanks to the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Michigan has a similar impact but on a much smaller scale. The Atlantic keeps England's average high during July at 67 °F while Milwaukee's average high sits at 82 °F this time of the year. This is why air conditioning is much less common in the UK. So imagine having temperatures 150% higher than what you typically expect.