Thursday could be nicest day for months; high of 52°

It's possible Thursday, Dec. 2 could be our nicest day for a long time. Factoring in the sunshine and breezy winds there's a chance we don't have another day like it until March. Realistically we'll get into the 50s multiple times this winter but what should be your expectations?

Across southeast Wisconsin, low 50s will be possible especially closer to the lake for Thursday afternoon, Dec. 2, and historically 50s happen frequently in December. 

High temperature forecast for Thursday, Dec. 2 

In the immediate future, there's no day like it through Dec. 7 with seasonable temperatures taking over then taking a dive for the start of next week. But even looking back to earlier this year as an example we can't take the 50s for granted. 

6-Day Planner between Dec. 2 and Dec. 7

Throughout Meteorological Winter the average high doesn't return to the 40s until March. Between January 2021 and March 2, 2021, we didn't have a single day in the 50s. In 2020 we only had 6 days in the 50s for the entire stretch of December through February 2019 -- although had a more extreme cold but started very mild in December and ended up having 8 days in the 50s throughout Meteorological Winter. 

Average highs through out meteorological winter in Milwaukee

An exact temperature forecast for the entire winter is impossible but don't take 50s for granted from here through the start of March because they're hard to come by!