Spring temps in late winter means early season for golfers, beer garden

MILWAUKEE -- Even after you check your calendar, you still may not believe it reached the mid 60s in the middle of February. The record-breaking temperatures have some people making plans to play.

With golf courses at both Lincoln and Grant Parks opening this weekend, golfers say these temperatures are taking them to the tees.

"I would love to come for the next week, 'cause it's supposed to be in the 50s, all week. You know, I'd come everyday," said Tim Tikkuri, a golfer.

But without cold conditions, there are concessions. In downtown Milwaukee, skaters are getting one last fling around the Slice of Ice at Red Arrow Park. The warmer temperatures are forcing the county to shut the rink down earlier than usual.

"I'm disappointed 'cause I want to go skating, more -- it's fun," said Amy Brandel, skater.

That form of lost fun will cost the county in the form of lost revenue; approximately $3,000 - $5,000.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele shared a creative avenue for the revenue replacement. On Friday, February 17th, he announced the county's pop-up beer garden will be mobilized both Saturday and Sunday.

"The ice rink does close tonight. The beer garden opens tomorrow. So, it just transitions perfectly to enjoy your parks tonight at Red Arrow and tomorrow at Whitnall Park or Grant or Lincoln," said Joseph Morzinski of Milwaukee County Parks.

The $12,000 to $15,000 in revenue which is expected to be generated at the county golf courses is a seasonal bonus.