Severe weather outbreak expected across the South Wednesday

The Storm Prediction Center issued a "High Risk" for severe weather across the South in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas on Wednesday, March 17.

The last time a "High Risk" was issued in March was in 2012. Surrounding states are encompassed in a "Moderate Risk", and are also likely to experience severe weather.

As a cold front moves east Wednesday afternoon, strong thunderstorms are expected to be capable of producing long-track and destructive tornadoes.

The storm prediction center has also highlighted locations within the severe risk area, for high tornado risk. Some locations in Alabama and Mississippi have a 30-45% chance of seeing a tornado.

The last time the south was issued a risk this high, several destructive tornadoes touched down. If you have any friends and/or family in this region, please reach out and make sure they are weather aware and have a safety plan in place. 

Now is also a good time to practice your own safety plan in the event severe weather impacts our area. Be sure to have multiple alert systems ready, including your weather radio and downloading the FOX6 Storm Center App on your cell phone.