Record December heat heading South

Almost ⅔ of the United States experienced near or record-setting heat on Thursday, Dec. 2 thanks to a massive ridge of high pressure in the southwestern portion of the United States.

 The Upper 70s were widespread across the great plains and even mountain regions saw temperatures 20ºF-30ºF warmer than average. Dozens of cities set all-time record highs for the month of December. 

High temperatures for Thursday, Dec. 2 

This high pressure to our SW has even impacted our weather in Wisconsin. Its influence has been so strong we've been stuck in northwestern flow for the last couple of weeks. It has resulted in cool and dry air causing multiple clipping patterns to head our way. 

In the next week, this high pressure shifts east and will give much of the south a substantial chance at record highs. Between Dec. 8 and Dec. 12 from Texas to Florida well above average temperatures are favored. 

6-10 Day Outlook between Dec. 8 and Dec. 12