Pneumonia front: Rapid temperature drop seen Sunday

A pneumonia front is a cold air boundary that rapidly moves down the Lake Michigan lakeshore and causes a dramatic change in temperatures. 

Sunday afternoon, May 23, the conditions were prime for a pneumonia front. Temperatures fell from the mid to upper 70s down into the 50s. 

Cold front enhanced by cool Lake Michigan air heading SW, Sunday, May 23 

As the pneumonia front heads inland, trees and other objects on the surface slow its inland push while air over the lake with less resistance continues to rush south. 

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The farther away from Lake Michigan you are the less drastic temperature change you can expect. Many will quickly see a drop of over -15°F in a very short period of time. 

As the Pneumonia Front heads inland temperatures can drop easily 15°F-20°F

The temperature trend heading into the evening is a rollercoaster. We'll dip into the 50s as scattered showers will still be possible heading into tomorrow morning. 

Don't worry temperatures rebound quickly into the 80s for Monday afternoon, May 24. 

Huge temperature drop expected across the region Sunday afternoon, May 23