Much needed warm-up heading our way to start November

The last time we had above average high temperatures was Oct. 17 and finally, more is on the way to start Nov. The average high by Wednesday, Nov. 4 is in the low 50s and the entire Midwest is favored to be above that to start off the new month.

Long term models are hinting at least into early-mid Nov. being warmer than average but don't expect any 70s anytime soon. 

8-14 Day temperature outlook Nov. 4-10

Almost the entire end of Oct., Wisconsin has been influenced by cooler Canadian air which has lead to below-average temperatures and even record snowfall in parts of Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

This changes as warmer air finally pushes up from the south, giving us a slight break from the early cool air more typical for mid-Nov. If you're a fan of snow this will mean you'll likely have to wait a while for the white stuff to return but don't worry we only get colder from here! 

Temperature forecast for Saturday, Oct. 31