Milwaukee has a great chance to go from record highs to record lows

Southeastern Wisconsin will have a chance to set record lows this weekend less than two weeks after tying the all-time November record high temperature. 

Both Saturday morning, Nov. 19 and Sunday morning, Nov. 20 low temperatures will fall into the mid to low teens. It still won't even be close to our all-time record low for November which is -14 degrees set on Nov. 29, 1875. And for reference just how long ago that was – both Jesse James and Billy the Kid were still very much alive and breaking the law at that time. 

Record highs and record lows possible for Milwaukee all within a 10 day span

The current record for Saturday, Nov. 19 sits at 16 degrees for a low temperature and as forecasted we have a shot to beat it by 1 degree. The more likely record low we'll set is Sunday morning, Nov. 20 when lows fall down to 12 degrees and the old record of 19 degress will more likely be eclipsed. 

Record vs forecasted temperatures Saturday, Nov. 19 and Sunday, Nov. 20

The good news is, long term, we balance out to less extreme below average temperatures. However, it goes to show just how incredible of a temperature shift can happen in November.