Massive temperature drop arrives Christmas Eve

Winter has been off to a mild start especially considering Wednesday, Dec. 23 high temperatures surpassed 50°F for just about everyone. Mother Nature gets a bit of revenge with an impending cold front that'll drop temperatures nearly 40°F in less than 12 hours. This could be our most drastic temperature change in years. 

The temperature change from Wednesday, Dec. 23 to Thursday afternoon, Dec. 24

The bright side is this system won't be giving us blizzard conditions like what parts of Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas are seeing Wednesday, Dec. 23 all day. 6-8" of snow is likely for our neighbors to the NW but unfortunately for us, the best we get is flurries and no longer gives us a White Christmas chance.

The cold weather doesn't last long as by Saturday, Dec. 26 we return to seasonable temperatures. 

Winter Weather Alerts for Dec. 23