First chance of snow this season in SE Wisconsin arrives Sunday, Oct. 18

Our first chance of snow could be coming as soon as Sunday, Oct. 16 if our temperatures drop enough. While much of the northern and interior parts of Wisconsin will see at least some flurries between Oct. 15 and 16, here in Milwaukee we'll have to wait a little longer.

A cold front swings through Saturday night, Oct. 17, and Sunday morning, Oct. 18 that will be cold enough on the back end to drop frozen precipitation in the upper atmosphere. 

SkyVision Plus look at snowfall potential Sunday morning, Oct. 18

The big question that still remains is if the snow doesn't melt before reaching the ground, will it accumulate? Ground temperatures are still well above freezing but on grassy surfaces and spots with leaf cover, there is a chance the snow could stick.

Likely most of the precipitation we get will come in the form of rain but some snow is possible. Most in southeast Wisconsin have a chance at trace amounts but atmospheric models are favoring over half an inch in isolated locations. The bottom line is this will melt relatively quickly if we do get anything but is a good reminder of the colder season yet to come. 

Grassy areas could see small accumulations of snow Sunday morning, Oct. 18