Fall-like temps arrive to end the week, but not for long

October 2021 is off to one of the warmest starts on record with, so far, an average temperature of 68.3ºF but heading into the weekend we finally get seasonable air moving in. Both Friday, Oct. 15, and Saturday, Oct. 16 we'll struggle to get out of the 50s for the first time this month. 

We haven't had a below-average high all October long. 

Feels like temperature forecast for Saturday, Oct. 16

Usually, during the month of October, Milwaukee sees its first freeze and measurable amount of snowfall but this dip of more fall-like weather won't be bringing snow anytime soon. 

We do dip below average from Oct. 15-16 but by the start of next week, we return right back to the mid to upper 60s. It's safe to say we won't be seeing 80s though.

Temperature trend compared to average for Oct. 13-18

The long-term temperature trend for the mid-west and the Great Lakes region keeps us above average through almost the end of October. Average highs during this time finally dip below 60ºF but it's very likely we'll have a chance to flirt with the 70s through the end of the month.

 If this pattern holds, don't be surprised if this goes down as the warmest October on record. 

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook between Oct. 20-26