Cold air moving in spells the end for mosquitoes in Wisconsin until spring

By Friday morning, Oct. 16 almost all of Wisconsin will be just about mosquito-free. Low temperatures will easily dip into the low 30s inland from Lake Michigan but likely closer to the water will stay just above freezing.

The male mosquitos will die off but the females will actually hibernate in the ground or downed logs in a state known as diapause and won't emerge until warmer temperatures return in spring. 

(Morning low-temperature forecast for Friday, Oct. 16)

This will be our first freeze warning of fall thanks to some of the coldest temperatures in over six months. The warning will be in effect from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. Friday, Oct. 16. 

Freeze warning in effect Thursday night, Oct. 15 through Friday morning, Oct. 16 8:00am

We'll have multiple more freeze chances through next week as a cooler than average temperatures plunge down from the north. Morning lows will flirt with freezing almost every single day through Oct. 20 at least.

With colder air also comes an opportunity for snow. No blizzards in the forecast but flurries Friday, Oct. 16 are possible with more snow and wintry mix chances by the start of next week. 

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