Massive database of fake Amazon reviews exposed

Described as an "organized fake reviews scam," the server contains over 13 million records – about 7 GB of data – potentially involving more than 200,000 people in unethical activities, the SafetyDetectives report said.

Amazon’s new boxes can transform into cat condos, rocket ships and more fun creations

LOS ANGELES - As Amazon’s sales continue to rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company released on Thursday a new initiative to reduce the materials used for sending out packages and provide instructions on how to reuse the boxes in a fun way.“Less packaging, more smiles” is Amazon’s new program that includes a call to action to use less packaging material and shrink the boxes to fit orders more often.The new packaging system will also include a QR code that directs customers to specific instructions on how to transform the box into a cat condo, rocket ship, fort and more.“When our packaging uses less material, weighs less, and is the right size to protect customer orders, we can pack more orders into each delivery, resulting in fewer trips, less fuel burned— all of which minimize our carbon footprint,” read Amazon’s statement.“We are committed to sustainability because we care about planet earth.