When the Brewers are away, racing enthusiasts will play! Miller Park lot transformed into racetrack

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A need for speed! It's not quite NASCAR, but if you want to try your hand on the race track, "Autocross" might be right up your alley! When the Milwaukee Brewers are out of town, the Miller Park parking lot is transformed into a secret speedway.

There are clues to what happens when the Brewers are out of town. Things go "downhill" pretty fast!

"There are a lot of tire marks out here!" Jason Frank said.

"Imagine it as downhill skiing, but in a car," Andrew Canak said.

When the Brewers aren't using Miller Park, the Sports Car Club of America, or SCAA takes over -- hosting an "Autocross" competition where everyday drivers weave between cones -- peeling through the parking lot.

"Just a timed racing competition here on the lot," Chris Bailey said.

"There's a course and you're by yourself, racing against the clock," Canak said.

Canak organizes the races.

"If you do hit cones, they cost a two-second penalty," Canak said.

There's no need to be a mechanic -- and you don't even have to own a race car. All sorts of wheels are welcome.

"You can just bring your car you drive every day and see what happens," Elizabeth Wildenberg said.

"We've had people come out in everything from your Corvette on down to your family Camry," Chris Bailey said.

The racers go maybe 60 miles-per-hour, tops. Drivers say the thrill of the race, the skill of the chase is what makes this an exciting event.

"There are times when you'll be 30, 40, 50 miles-per-hour. We like to keep it around 60. If you can imagine going 60 through a slalom and this corner at a speed you'd normally go down a residential street at -- this is a 90-degree corner and you're not really slowing down for it.  On a residential street that would be pretty aggressive, but here in  a safe environment it works out for us," Canak said.

"The idea is to allow people to have some fun with their cars in a more controlled environment -- not having people race around in the streets, and just doing something more fun with your car," Bailey said.

Autocross is a way to bring motor sports to the masses -- attracting amateur Andrettis to a temporary track.

"It took me about three or four events, and I was pretty much hooked," Frank said.

Frank has his own race car. He's one of many amateurs who have always dreamed of racing. They now have an opportunity to get off the couch and onto the course.

"It's not real cutthroat. It's competitive, but as soon as we're done everyone's friendly and we get through an event because everyone comes together. The adrenaline, driving on the edge like you're tossing the car around having enough to catch it and kinda have it on the edge all the time really gets your adrenaline going," Frank said.

The event fuels passion for a different kind of tailgating in the shadow of Miller Park.

"It's adrenaline -- and what better way to spend a Sunday?" Wildenberg said.

CLICK HERE to access the Sport Car Club of America, Milwaukee Region's website.