'We love Giannis:' Bucks fans excited, energized for new season, despite home opener loss

MILWAUKEE -- It was a roller coaster of emotions for fans of the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday evening, Oct. 26.

Bucks fans make their way to Deer District

Thousands of fans on Saturday descended upon Deer District for the start of another season. This included diehard fans born and raised in the Cream City, to new ones from far away.

"I've been a Bucks fan my whole life, and they're about as good as they've ever been," said Kevin Hansen, a Bucks fan.

"I'm from Hong Kong," said Danny Hui, a Bucks fan.

Devoted followers are going the extra mile -- even dressing the part.

Bucks fans make their way to Deer District

"He's like, you know what, it's Halloween, game opener, I'm wearing it. So I was like, you know what, I'm going to grab one and wear one too. I went and got one today and here we are," said Mellisa Hayes, a Bucks fan.

Bucks fans make their way to Deer District

In its second year, Deer District is bustling.

"We're going to walk around the Fear District, grab some food, get some drinks, enjoy the festivities," said Shawn Jaso, a Bucks fan.

Fans anticipated a fiery performance from #34.

"Obviously, we love Giannis," Jaso said.

Bucks fans make their way to Deer District

Despite Saturday night's overtime loss to the Miami Heat, the excitement and energy both inside Fiserv Forum and outside on the plaza was electric. It is surely a glimpse into what we can expect from fans throughout the season.