Three men take road trip to Texas to watch Badgers in Final Four

ST. FRANCIS (WITI) -- Badgers fans are ready to roll out the red in Arlington, Texas! The Badgers meet Kentucky on the Final Four court at AT&T Stadium on Saturday night, April 5th! Tipoff is set for 7:49 p.m. FOX6 News caught up with three men who are preparing to drive down to Texas for their first NCAA Tournament Final Four!

"This is a 'bucket list' item for me. I've been wanting to go to the Final Four my whole life, so I'm excited -- beyond words," Jeremy Leibfried said.

On Friday morning, friends Jeremy Leibfried, Zach Correa and Josh Janis made last-minute preparations before they hit the open road in support of their beloved Badgers.

"The opportunity arose after Saturday when they won. Literally checked it out, looked at my bank account, was like, 'I can do this.' Right away Jeremy's like 'let's go!' Josh was like 'I'm in -- kind of,'" Correa said.

"Alcohol may have played a little bit of a part of it, but, realistically, like I said, I mean, the Badgers haven't been to the Final Four since 2000. I think they have a legitimate shot at winning it this year. So I mean, you gotta take it," Janis said.

First, they figured they'd find a flight.

"Start looking for prices. It went from like, $400-a-ticket, give or take, to close to double that within the matter of an hour," Correa said.

That's when the three agreed to load up a rented SUV and hit the road.

Then it was time to secure their hotel accommodations and their seats -- $850 each, which includes three games.

Two of which they hope involve Badgers victories!

"It's a great season for the Badgers to be in the Final Four and, you know, the camaraderie that we have down there -- I'm actually, I haven't taken a road trip since college. So I mean, realistically, this is a really cool opportunity," Janis said.

These guys say they're not concerned about where they're spending the night on Friday night. All they're really concerned about is making it to Arlington for the game on Saturday night!