Sussex Hamilton senior not afraid to swim with the sharks

Kiley Slaats has shown her ability to succeed both on the field and in the water.

That's what makes the Sussex Hamilton senior this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I have been told from coaches that pressure is a privilege and I think that is just something we need to keep in mind as a team," said Slaats. "Hamilton softball really wasn't exactly known as the strongest program before but the last few years we have really put ourselves out there."

Slaats has helped the Chargers win conference as well as punch two tickets to the state tournament.

She got her start in softball by being the clingy little sister.

"My brother played baseball, and I was always just the little sister following him around and stuff at tournaments in the summer," she said. "And then I tried tee-ball and I liked it. Kept playing rec and then played club and just really fell in love with it."

Slaats said she really took her game to the next level back in 2020.

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"Covid was a blessing for me," Slaats said. "I chose to just work really hard. There was nothing else to do. We got a weight set in the garage and my brother and I were just out there every day just doing our thing. We would go for a run, lift together, and I would hit off the tee every day. I think that is when I, athletically, really spiked."

Kiley likes to scuba dive, and she is actually a certified diver along with her dad and two siblings.

She has seen a lot under the water, and has no reason to stop despite meeting some new friends.

"Yeah, the most amazing thing I have seen is sharks," Slaats said. "I don't know, you just have to not be scared of them. As long as you don't bother them they won't bother you."