Slinger freshman carrying the family torch down the hill

One Slinger freshman is carrying on her family's love for the slopes and for the arts in her own unique way.

That's what makes Grace Kondrakiewicz this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"Skiing is kind of the sport I wanted to do," said Kondrakiewicz. "It's been running in my family for a long time. My great grandpa taught a lot of his kids to ski here. My grandpa skiid here. My mom taught me how to ski here. Just kind of runs in my family."

Kondrakiewicz uses skiing as a way to get away.

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She says that it helps her clear her mind.

"You have to approach the sport with an open mind," Kondrakiewicz said. "If you fall once, just get back up. Everyone fails at something at one point. Every great person was a beginner, so if you want something, you're going to have to work for it."

Kondrakiewicz said that it would be nice to make it state one day, but her number one goal is to get to nationals.

In her spare time, she discovered another passion through family.

"My grandpa used to do a lot of art," she said. "My dad does a lot of art projects. That's kind of how I got into it. Another kind of family thing. I do paint, I do some drawings, I've done photography a few times, I do acrylics, kind of watercolor, just kind of sketching and drawing. So kind of a whole lot of different art."