Salam junior trying to put basketball program 'on the map'

One family has built a basketball legacy for a small school on the south side of Milwaukee.

Salam junior Ahmed Badwan is hoping to raise the bar even higher as this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Just like his older brother and sister before him, Badwan is trying to put the Stars on the map.

"I'm just following in their footsteps honestly," said Badwan. "My little brother's trying to follow in my footsteps now. So we're all over basketball."

Badwan said his parents came from overseas and did not play much basketball.

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"At first they didn't really know much about it, but once they sort of like seeing how much we love it and how much we play, how much we work for it, they started to love it, too, because we love it," Badwan said.

Badwan says the varsity squad at Salam is like a family.

And he is hoping this family can do what no other Stars team has done in the past.

"People who used to come here never thought we would do this," said Badwan. "Like they never thought it would be like that high, that good. That's the only thing I want is going deeper into state. I don't care about anything else. I just want to, like, win more at state. Because in Salam School, we never won a regional game in our history. So if we win one and two, I'll put us on the map for sure."

Badwan is in the top five nationally in scoring and also averages a double-double.

He will most likely set a new school scoring record, which his brother says is exactly how he would want it.