Pewaukee senior running out of shelf space for trophies

One Pewaukee senior has multiple state championships with multiple teams, which also includes the school's first gold ball for football.

That's what makes Logan Schill this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Schill plays in multiple spots for the Pirates at punt return, punter, defensive back, slot, and running back.

The fall of 2021 was a memorable time for Schill and his teammates.

"It was an amazing feeling," said Schill. "We were the five seed on the road every single game, and it's just an absolute amazing feeling, especially coming out with a gold ball at the end of it. Like Coach said, it's going to be most people's Super Bowl playing us because they want to be the defending state champion. So it's going to be a great competitive game every Friday night."

Schill's title win with the Pirates on the gridiron was not his only successful high school season.

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"Right now obviously, I'm involved with football," Schill said. "In the winter, I'm involved with the basketball team. We won back-to-back state championships with them. And then I'm also the center fielder on the varsity baseball team. We just made it to the state semifinal and the state quarterfinal the year before. So we're back-to-back state appearances for that as well."

Schill has three more shots at making it to state or lifting another trophy, but he acknowledges how lucky he is with how his career has gone so far.

"Some people don't even get to one state championship," said Schill. "And for me to get five appearances, you know, it's absolutely amazing. Yeah, I have a little shelf on my wall and starting to run out of room, so now I'm starting to hang some things up on some walls."

Schill hopes to continue his athletic career with either college baseball or football.