Pewaukee senior dreaming of life in the NBA

Pewaukee senior Milan Momcilovic had a dream, and that was to win four state titles.

Although he fell one championship short, he's this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I just got a letter that I wrote to myself back in sixth grade," said Momcilovic. "And the sixth grade letter said, "I want to win four state championships." Well, I got three of them. It has been one heck of a journey. Just to close out with a state championship and three in a row, that's great."

Momcilovic said he hopes they have set a new standard for Pirates basketball.

"We want to leave that legacy on how we do things and what we do," Momcilovic said. "Obviously we win state championships, but it's kind of how we do it. Class act and very professional about it."

Momcilovic dabbled in football and volleyball, but he ultimately settled on basketball.

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He will continue his hoops career at Iowa State in the fall.

"That is going to be something special," he said. "Hopefully we make it to the tournament and start dancin'."

And he doesn't want his basketball career to end in Ames.

"Obviously the dream is to make it to the NBA," said Momcilovic. "I have had that dream since I was a little kid. But if I don't go to the NBA, I do want to play somewhere and make money playing basketball. And after my basketball career who knows where I go. We will see where I go from there."