Packers fan, Bears fan wed in Lambeau suite on eve of big game

GREEN BAY -- It's widely known Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears fans love to hate each other. Some call it the "oldest rivalry." Jeff and Kari Dickman -- one a Bears fan and the other a Packers fan are proof that opposites do attract!

While it wasn't a Super Bowl ring, Jeff Dickman put a wedding ring on Kari Dickman's finger in a Lambeau Field suite on the eve of the Packers vs. Bears game.

"It was a compromise. I wanted to get married in Hawaii. We found this and thought it would be something really unique and unusual so this is what we did," Kari Dickman said.

Kari Dickman wore flowers in her hair and a throwback Packers jersey. Her husband wore a Bears jersey and a football boutineer. The wedding parties wore football jerseys as well -- each man and woman wearing a jersey of the team they support. The cake was decorated for both teams, and the couple even decorated their getaway car with flags for both the Packers and the Bears.

The newlyweds planned to attend Thursday's Packers vs. Bears game at Lambeau Field. As for the fighting...

"It's already starting. It started when the game was announced," Kari Dickman said.

Since only one team can win on Thursday, the Dickmans say football loyalty now comes second.

"Just have a good time. One team has to win, and one team has to lose. We have another chance in December -- so just make the best of it," Kari Dickman said.

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