Dillon transforms Quadzilla from the field to the bookshelf

Packers running back AJ Dillon wears many helmets.

From a full-time bruising tailback to a part-time author, Dillon is now inspiring young Packers fans through the power of words.

And inside the Kacmarcik Center for Human Performance in Grafton, plenty of smiling faces awaited Dillon for story time.

They're ready to hear him read his new kid's book "Quadzilla Finds His Footing."

It's a book that centers around a fictional character, a monster named Quadzilla, which is an ode to Dillon's own nickname, as the dinosaur discovers himself through the game of football.

"The message is to try new things and try new things with people who support you," said AJ Dillon, Packers running back. "People who are your friends. Don't get discouraged if you're not necessarily the best right away."

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Uplifting his young readers with important lessons of self-confidence and teamwork is something these kids picked up on.

"Keep trying and don't give up on your challenges," said Shakylah, a young camper at the reading.

"I think it was good," said Colin Cain, a young camper at the reading. "I liked the cartoons for the kids. I learned don't give up on trying new things."

This is a book Dillon intended to write in the offseason, to honor his newborn son Algiers Dillon III "Trey".

"I wanted something that was going to last and be something that I could have with him," said Dillon. "Something we can share. It was awesome, and we picked a local publisher, local illustrator, and we kept it all in house in Wisconsin. Book came out, and it's great, and it's something that I can read to my son and future kids, and hopefully he can read to his one day."

Dillon collaborated with Orange Hat Publishing Company out of Waukesha as the publisher and Summer Morrison out of Thiensville as the illustrator.

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The whole process of writing and publishing the book took five months to complete, as Dillon ventured into a completely new realm.

"I've never been an author before," said Dillon. "I've never done a book launch. Never done a book reading before, but it's been such a fun process, a fun project to do. And just like the book, try new things, and it worked out great."

Through various readings, Dillon is grateful for the positive reception and the turnout he's received.

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"It's been awesome, and you know, to see the smile on their faces means the world," said Dillon. "It's nice to make an impact like this and see big brothers and big sisters here and give the book and give something these kids want to read to them."

He's also caught the attention of his former quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

"It did get the stamp of approval," said Dillon. "We're officially in Aaron Rodgers' Book Club, which is big because I've read a lot of books in there."

From the Packers playbook to a children's book, Dillon is excelling in both.

Most importantly, he's happy to keep giving back.

"I feel like with the platform that I have now, it's important to obviously shed light and spread awareness on things and great causes and or bring something new to the community like my book and encourage reading," said Dillon. "There's some footballs in there, there's monsters. I feel like as a kid, that's something I would've picked up and looked at as a kid, so it's great to give back, especially in your own backyard."

For now, this stop in Grafton is the last on Dillon's book tour before the Packers kickoff training camp practices this Wednesday.

And as for Dillon's plans for a sequel?

He said that could be a possibility because Quadzilla can always go on more adventures.