Packers RB Aaron Jones talks bye week plans, final five weeks

The Green Bay Packers enter their bye week on a high note, knocking off the star-studded Rams 36-28.

FOX6's Lily Zhao went one-on-one with Packers running back Aaron Jones, who talks about his plans for his week off and what we can expect to see in the final few weeks of play.

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "Aaron, you guys are 9-3 and beat a playoff contender in the Rams. Where is this team right now as you enter the bye?"

"I feel like we're in a good spot, right where we want to be at," said Aaron Jones, Packers running back. "Number two in the NFC and kind of putting ourselves in the position to control what we can control."

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "You're not 100 percent. A lot of your teammates are not 100 percent either. It has been a long, long stretch. How good is it to finally get a week of rest?"

"It's great you know, just for everybody to recharge, get their bodies back right and their minds for this last run we got and into the playoffs," said Jones.

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "What are you looking forward to most outside of getting some rest during the bye?"

"Just sleeping and spending time with my family, my little one," said Jones.

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "It has been five years since the team has won a game after a bye. What do you think changes this time around, considering Green Bay hosts the Bears on Sunday Night Football in two weeks?"

"We're back at home, we're in our place," said Jones. "We know it all starts with the North, taking care of the North opponent and it's an NFC game as well, so that goes a long way in the standings. For us at the end of the season, we want everything to run through Lambeau, so it starts with that game."

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "As the weather gets colder, the running back are so important. I know you were best friends with Jamaal Williams, and now with AJ Dillon, can you just describe how your relationship has grown?"

"It's grown so much," said Jones. "AJ's my next-door neighbor so we talk often. He's like my little brother, which is crazy. He asks me how old am I turning on my birthday and I told him, how old are you AJ? So, he just makes me feel a little old, but you know I love working with AJ. He's like a sponge and everything you tell him, he soaks it up and he wants to get better."

FOX6's Lily Zhao: "Do you like how the team has positioned itself? Homefield advantage will be important in the playoffs and you guys are right there with the Cardinals with five games left in the regular season."

"I feel like we set ourselves up pretty nicely where you can control what you can control and also, we want to make it as hard as possible for people," said Jones. "We know playing in Lambeau gives us a huge advantage and it's hard for other teams. We want every advantage that we can get on the way to the Super Bowl."

The Packers return to action on Dec. 12 when they host the Bears on Sunday Night Football.