"Our last hoorah:" Limo driver has transported Brett Favre's family to Lambeau for a decade

GREEN BAY -- Known as #4, former Green Bay Packers great Brett Favre is getting ready to see his number and name become a permanent part of Lambeau Field. And he'll be surrounded by plenty of family members and friends on Thanksgiving Day as the Packers take on the Bears -- and many of those loved ones got a legendary lift to Lambeau.

Richard Wink prefers Packers passengers, because he doesn't roll in a regular ride.

Richard Wink

"I just put in a freshly rebuilt turbo 350 tranny in it to haul your heavyweight Packers fans around," Wink said.

For more than a decade, Wink has been busy transporting Brett Favre's family members and friends from Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport to Lameau Field.

"The money they saved flying into Milwaukee, versus Green Bay -- roughly $250 a ticket," Wink said.

Wink drives Favre's loved ones for free -- in a custom-painted, 1988 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham he calls "Legends of Lambeau."

Richard Wink's vehicle

In exchange, they cover the costs, and give up some green and gold.

"Just about every game, I had a free hotel room, game ticket, and then yuck it up with the bunch," Wink said.

Most of those Wink transports hail from Favre's hometown of Kiln, Mississippi.

"Somehow we just started calling them 'Kil-Billie' adventures, and they've been -- some of them have been pretty good. And this is our last hoorah," Wink said.

Richard Wink's vehicle

It is a heck of a way to go out -- with Favre's name and #4 prepared for a perch in the Ring of Honor, as the living legend is honored during halftime Thursday.

"We've always had a good time. They always put on a great tailgate," Wink said.

But now, Wink says he's ready to slow his roll, and retire the ride.

Richard Wink's vehicle

"I don't get to use it anymore. I mean, I'm sure a business owner or somebody just could have a lot of fun with it -- like I have," Wink said.

Wink says he plans to visit the Favre family in Mississippi, as his daughter is currently going to college about an hour away in New Orleans.