Oconomowoc junior on the hunt for the world's best coffee

This Oconomowoc junior is a team captain and an all-state player on the court.

But a quirky obsession and musical talent are also why Anna Bjork is our FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"My first memory, my mom took me to one of the high school games," said Bjork. "I saw how fun volleyball was. I actually wrote down notes in my notebook and one of them was to play for Oconomowoc volleyball. Yeah, like a little pink sparkly diary. I don't even know where that thing went."

Bjork saw how fun volleyball was, and it turned it into a success.

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She was invited to the US National Training Program. She says she's always wanted to compete in the Olympics.

As volleyball takes Bjork to new places, she is always looking for a new place to get her caffeine.

"Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and my favorite thing to do when traveling, which is kind of random, is I always find a local coffee shop and I will do like a little rating on one of my private stories," Bjork said. "My favorite place to go is probably like small places in Nebraska. One, because they have the best coffee. Nebraska, best coffee state."