'Obviously I want to finish my career here:' Aaron Rodgers speaks on his contract, team's off-season moves

GREEN BAY -- After a snow day, Green Bay Packers' players on Tuesday, April 17 returned to Lambeau Field to start off-season workouts, and a Yahoo article on QB Aaron Rodgers took over the conversation -- speaking on his contract and the team's off-season moves.

In the Yahoo article by Charles Robinson, some league sources were quoted as saying Rodgers was not happy with not being involved in personnel moves that impact him -- saying the QB was frustrated and that feeling could affect any possible contract extension talks.

On Tuesday, Rodgers said he's ready to play quarterback to the best of his ability and thinks the contract talks will take care of themselves.

"Ultimately like the last time, obviously it was large financial numbers. I think it was a deal that myself and the team was happy about it -- gave us the ability to do some things that gave us a cap number that never would really never go above an unmanageable level, so obviously I want to finish my career here. I've said that that a number of times and still have two years on my deal, so we will see what happens this off-season," said Rodgers.

Rodgers also said he will miss WR Jordy Nelson, who was released and later signed by the Raiders, but he said you have to trust the process that the moves the front office makes are about making the team better:

"Obviously he was one of my closest friends in the locker room for a number of years and played here for a long time and talked about really finishing his career here and together -- and making the most of the opportunities. That's the disappointment, is when you get close to your teammates and they're not here any more and especially when they are not here and they are playing somewhere else, but the organization is making decisions that they feel like are in the best interest of the team and you have to trust the process," said Rodgers.