Oak Creek junior finds love of the game through family

For one Oak Creek junior, baseball may run through her blood, but she has turned herself into one of the greatest softball pitchers in Wisconsin history.

That's what makes Riley Grudzielanek this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I've been playing ever since I can remember, even just in the backyard with my friends and my family," said Grudzielanek.

Grudzielanek has been playing softball for as long as she can remember.

It helps when family has basically lived on the diamond.

"I wanted to start playing because my family's super athletic," she said.

Grudzielanek's uncle, Mark, played 15 years in the majors including stops with the Cubs, Dodgers and Expos.

She also has a cousin, Brandon, who played in the minors, a cousin, Bryce, at UCLA and an aunt, Danielle, who played softball for the Bruins.

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The Northwestern commit also loves to play basketball, but she did not play her junior season to focus on softball.

"I really missed it this year and I realized basketball's one of my best sports and one of my favorite sports," said Grudzielanek. "So I wanted to play next year. So I talked to my coach. And I'm going to play next year."

Riley says she has no set plans for her future beyond Northwestern, but she would love to get into one form of criminal justice.