New Berlin Ike senior goes out with a hat trick, state title

This New Berlin Eisenhower soccer player is one of five seniors who helped lead the Lions to their first ever state championship.

That's what makes Lauren Hernandez this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I actually lived in Florida for seven years and that is where I started playing soccer," said Hernandez. "So I think I started playing when I was around four years old."

Hernandez and Ike won the Division 3 State Championship 6-1 over Notre Dame.

"Some day we are going to have to come back to New Berlin Eisenhower and show our kids, that's our gold ball," Hernandez said. "We won that. Hopefully it will be sitting at the front of the case...well actually hopefully it will be a little further back in the case because there will be new state championships in front of it."

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Hernandez scored a hat trick in the final game of her high school career.

It's something she will never forget.

"I just love re-watching all the videos from that day," said Hernandez. "It's so surreal to be able to do that our senior year with a team that was just super special to us, and we were all just really close. All of our classmates were there. They were there to put their hand on the gold ball when we raised it up to them after."

Hernandez will continue her soccer career at Iowa State.