Most at Miller Park willing to welcome Ryan Braun back to the game

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Baseball season is officially upon us! The Milwaukee Brewers hosted the Atlanta Braves on Opening Day Monday, March 31st. Taking the field at Miller Park for the first time since his suspension was Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun.

Braun was forced to serve out a 65-game suspension last season for his involvement with Biogenesis, a Florida clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs.

Almost all of the fans at Miller Park on Opening Day welcomed Braun back with a standing ovation.

Brewers season ticket holder Sue Schmidt was right there with them.

"Anyone can make a mistake -- which he`s admitted, and in the end we`ll all be judged. I`m not going to be one to judge," Schmidt said.

The judgement, or lack thereof, was noticeable throughout the stadium as fan after fan, including Emily Fry, had on #8 jerseys.

"Everybody makes mistakes. Forgive and forget. I mean, come on. Everybody, we`re not innocent people. We all have to move on," Fry said.

While most stood up and cheered whenever Braun was announced, some didn't -- but they were hard to find.

Many of those who cheered understood why others may not have.

"That`s their choice. If that`s how they feel about it, then that`s their wonderful freedom of speech to do that," Sam Van Handel said.

Fry says everyone needs to move on.

"Get over it. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody that`s booing has lied one time. Get over it. He`s back. Let's go," Fry said.

Moving forward, Nick Komp and many other Brewers fans are hoping Braun does what he's done throughout his career -- help the Brewers to reach the post-season again.

"I`m willing to forgive and forget. First time he cracks a home run I`ll be -- it`ll be old news to me," Komp said.