Milwaukee Riverside junior wrestler living without any regrets

One Milwaukee Riverside junior had never played football or even wrestled before, but that did not stop her from competing in both sports this year.

That is what makes Alina Vang this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I wanted to wrestle because I play football," said Vang. "So I wanted to get ready for the next season. I heard about the conditioning and I heard there's a lot of running. So I think that would be helpful for football."

Vang did not know much about football or wrestling, but she is doing it.

She said she did not want to live with any regrets she may have had.

"[With] quarantine and like COVID happening, I realized that there wasn't really going to be a chance for me to do anything if I don't do it now," Vang said. "So that's why I joined football, trying to prepare myself for the future and then also just making sure that I'm living the life I can now, rather than regretting it in the future."

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Vang says that if you would have asked her freshman year, she would not have imagined doing any of the things she is doing now.

"I was the quiet kid that sit in the front of the class that was kind of smart," said Vang. "Kind of. Emphasis on the kind of. Kind of."

Vang competed in her first match on Wednesday and on Saturday, she took home first place in her weight class.