Milwaukee Academy of Science senior confident in her game

One Milwaukee Academy of Science basketball star can match up with the best of them.

Nakiyah Hurst grew up playing for her uncle and playing with the boys.

"Playing basketball with girls is way easier," said Hurst. "I can easily get to the cup. I'm way stronger than most girls so I feel like I'm just a strong beast down there."

Hurst has been a focal point of the program since helping take the team to state in 2019 as a freshman.

Confidence is not lacking with the senior.

"I'm very confident in my game," Hurst said. "I think I'm probably the best girl in the Class of ‘22. I don't think anybody can stop me off the dribble."

Hurst has asserted herself as one of the Novas leaders, if not as another coach.

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"When we in school, ain't no playing," said Hurst. "I know everybody's schedule. If you're supposed to be in class, then get to class, no lates or tardies. We ain't got none of that. Right on time in the locker room before four o'clock. You better be up there or you're running. Simple."

Hurst signed on with North Dakota after visiting the campus in Grand Forks.

"I love the program and the things they've got to offer for me is very nice and I just know after college, they have me set for where I want to go," Hurst said.

Where Hurst wants to go is the WNBA. And if not the WNBA, she says she is going to play professionally overseas.

"We're trying to take it all the way," said Hurst. "Basketball is my future. That's everything that I'm planning for."