Local triathlete determined to learn from her failures

Anna Strehlow knows who she is.

"I love the constant go, go, go," said the triathlete.

Thank goodness she does. While doing what it takes to build upon her ability and ascend rapidly as a triathlete, Strehlow is also a physical therapist, working at Froedtert Hospital.

"So our patient population is a little bit different than what you would see in an orthopedic clinic in that we serve a very under-served population within the City of Milwaukee," said Strehlow. "What I try to do is manage my schedule, like, really to a T before work and after work. I’m thankful that my husband is very supportive of my passion of doing triathlon."

Strehlow was a college soccer player who later discovered running and then swimming while she was rehabilitating from an injury and then biking when she talked to her dad about it and realized she wanted to try triathlon.

A few short years later, she’s been in events around the world and has graduated to Ironman competitions.

Strehlow regularly finishes first in her 30-34 age group, in addition to often winning overall.

Another climb could be in the offing.

"I would love to be a professional triathlete, but also do what I love and that’s be a physical therapist," Strehlow said. "I am just going to see where the sport takes me."

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So what kind of triathlete and person is this?

"Determined," she said. "Determined. I set goals, and I go for them and if I can’t make them, then I learn from my failures, and think that’s the best way to take an approach to it."

Strehlow is now in her offseason training mode, looking to be in a position to improve her times next spring.

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She continues to work full-time, as well.