Itching for tickets to the Packers/Bears game? You might be able to afford it

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Despite the decades-old rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, ticket prices are going down.

"Right now, you can get tickets for the Packers/Bears game for under $150. And really premium seats aren't going to cost you much over $300," said Mike Holzberger from Connections Ticket Service. "They were 50 percent higher than that last week."

Holzberger says there are three factors for the big drop. He says the number one reason is that the Bears are not having a good season.

Second, it's a night game. Some ticket holders think it's tough getting home at midnight or one in the morning -- and then going to work the next day.

Third, temperatures may be dropping to the low 30s. Not exactly bitter cold -- but it's enough to sway some ticket holders.

"We've seen in the last few days, our summer is over. And some might say our fall is over and winter is here," said Holzberger.

Holzberger says ticket prices for the November 16th Packers/Eagles games have also begun to drop slight -- after that game was switched from a noon start to 3:25 p.m. He says noon start times fetch the highest ticket prices.

Holzberger also says when the Packers lose, prices go down -- and when the Packers win, prices go up.