Homestead senior takes Irish dancing all over the world

This Homestead senior can take on anyone in an Irish dance battle.

That's what makes Reilly West this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I definitely am going to force my kids to do Irish dance," said West. "One hundred percent. It has to happen. I just think it is something they need to experience and I know they will love it."

West started dancing when she was five years old after watching her sister do it.

The only reason the two were dancing in the first place was because their mother did the same.

"A lot of people underestimate how much work it actually takes," West said. "The hours you have for training inside the studio just drilling over and over again probably five to seven days a week. Other excercises like cross-fit, weight training, flexibility, a lot of us to to yoga. We have to stretch, swim laps, and run."

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West has performed on the biggest stages of Irish dancing.

She has placed second at regionals, ninth at nationals, and 47th at the world competition.

Even when West isn't dancing, she is probably dancing.

"My parents have told me that I dance in my sleep," said West. "Like, instead of sleep walking I sleep dance. It is just so ingrained in me that I am never not dancing."