Greenfield senior doing whatever he can to help his team

Greenfield senior Jahquan Redding is all about doing whatever is best for the team.

He has proven that this season, and that makes him this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I started playing football in sixth grade," said Redding. "My mom put me in a program, and I just started from there. I always played it when I was younger, like, on the streets, and I just always liked it. I did every day after school."

Redding was named All-Woodland as a wide receiver his junior season.

But when his team was in need of a quarterback to begin his senior year, he stepped up.

"It's just fun to play," Redding said. "And I like the competition. I like having to go against other people and like, it's fun."

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Redding also dabbles in track, but he says his biggest motivation is his family.

"Family's everything," said Redding. "My mom loves loving me playing football. She's actually the reason why I joined football. And she's my number one supporter. It's fun having my brother as one of my receivers. This is the only year I'm gonna get to play with him. That's why I can say it's fun playing with him, cause this is the last time I'll probably be playing with him in high school ever."

Redding says he looks forward to playing in college, but he still feels a little nervous about it.

"I feel like I have a lot of potential in college, and up from there," he said. "I'm pretty nervous about school. I don't know how it's going to be in college, but I'm hoping to be prepared for school."

Redding said his ultimate goal is the NFL, and he plans to never stop working for it.