Dillon says Packers 'sticking together' heading into Bills game

The Packers are at a crucial juncture of their season.

Can they turn things around after three straight losses, or will things fall apart after a 23-21 defeat to the Commanders?

FOX6's Lily Zhao went one-on-one with Packers running back AJ Dillon, who is optimistic the Packers will respond.

Lily Zhao: "I know this offense has a lot of pride. What reflection have you guys done? What's been said from the leaders in the locker room to get things back on the winning track?"

AJ Dillon: "You know, I think it really all stems from positivity. You know, sticking together. Obviously when you're not winning games, you're not putting up the stats or the numbers as an offense that you'd like, there's going to be a lot of outside noise. There's going to be a lot of people trying to pinpoint exactly what's going on, and you know, only we and the coaches really know exactly what's going on each play and sometimes even whose fault it is where it may look like somebody else's fault. I think the biggest thing right now for us is sticking together."

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Zhao: "You said last week you had the most fun, elaborate on that."

Dillon: "The start of last week, we had lost two games in a row, and I was just doing a little bit of self-reflecting on the season and how it's going for myself as an individual. Obviously it's no shock that the stats aren't there and what have you, but for me, I was sitting there, and I was talking with my wife and kind of venting and talking about the season, bummed that we just lost our second game and I really was like, you know what, I need to really enjoy this. I really need to just get back to having fun. We watched my college highlights, and we were like, you need to get back to this when you're just out there and having fun, playing free and just enjoying the game. Each day last week, I was writing on sticky notes and putting them up on my mirror, with just like things I came up with in the morning, how I wanted to attack the day and one was 'overwhelming positivity'. The other one was like 'extreme confidence'. One was just 'enjoy every single moment', even the meetings, even the lifts and be present in that moment."

Zhao: "Aaron Rodgers also talks a lot about manifesting, and he said maybe this adversity is what you guys need right now. You're going into Buffalo as underdogs, and he said maybe this is a good thing because people will overlook us. What're your thoughts?"

Dillon: "I think definitely a lot of people are counting us out in a way, thinking that you know, obviously we haven't won every game or have obviously dropped the last three that the Packers aren't the old Packers or whatever have you. I think that it's one of those opportunities for us to go out there and kind of like what I was just saying, play free. Nobody expects us to win. We just go out there and play our best ball and I think, and I believe that we can beat anybody, any team on any given Sunday. I think that's the vibe throughout our entire organization."

The Packers take on the Bills on Sunday Night Football. Green Bay has won 13 straight primetime games during the regular season. It's the longest winning streak by an NFL team since 2000.