Green Bay, Ashwaubenon featured in Super Bowl ad

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- Around 100 local people are set to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial. It’s part of a new Coca-Cola ad, and it was shot at Lambeau Field and the nearby Ashwaubenon High School.

If you plan on watching the Super Bowl this weekend, you might just see someone you know.

"We were contacted through the Packers on this opportunity back in November about the possibility of doing a national TV commercial. We had no idea that it was a Super Bowl commercial," Brad Taylor with the Ashwaubenon School District said.

It's called "Going All The Way" and it's about a young football player who catches the ball after a fumble and just keeps running.

The main actor in the commercial isn't from Green Bay, but around 30 Ashwaubenon Middle School students and their parents are featured in the commercial.

The opening scene shows a youth football game held at Ashwaubenon High School.

Coca-Cola says it wanted to celebrate the village.

"The story, I think, deserved that level of authenticity rather than bringing in lots of actors who had nothing to do with this neighborhood," the commercial's director, Jake Scott said.

The commercial ends with the player inside Lambeau Field.

"It was really a neat for Coca-Cola to tie in the story here with the Packers and really how the community is such a unique place here in Green Bay," Green Bay Partnerships Services Coordinator Lisa Northman said.

Last year's Super Bowl brought in 108 million viewers and this year the viewers of Super Bowl XLVII (48) will see a 60-second ad highlighting Ashwaubenon and Green Bay.

Some might say Super Bowl ads are just as exciting as the game and on Sunday, you can catch this commercial during the second half of the game.