Fans say they just want to know whether Rodgers will play, and when

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- We still don't know whether Aaron Rodgers will take the field and play on Sunday, December 8th when the Packers take on the Falcons -- and fans are wondering when the decision will be made. During a press conference on Tuesday, December 3rd, Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said Rodgers has not been medically cleared to play yet -- but that he will practice in limited fashion on Wednesday. He has not been ruled out for Sunday's game yet.

McCarthy also said Tuesday that Aaron Rodgers wants to play -- and said "We will see what he can do (Wednesday)."

The give and take between the Packers and the media/fans regarding Rodgers is a lot like a game. Some questions and answers seem up front and out in the open, while others seem to be used tactically.

While it is very common, it has left fans looking for a final answer.

The game of ping pong is a back and forth contest, and like any game, strategy is key to getting a point across for Paul Plakut.

"Keep them guessing. Throw it in different places," Plakut said.

Brad Sagadin says it's definitely a mental game.

"Put a little spin on the ball. Try to like, definitely hit away from the opponent. Try to get them in a corner and go to the open court," Sagadin said.

When NFL coaches like Mike McCarthy meet with the media, a similar game takes place.

McCarthy receives questions on a daily basis these days about the health of Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and returns with answers.

The game, be it ping pong or the returning of answers to the volley of questions sometimes needs a little spin to make the point -- something McCarthy seems to do well against reporters.

At Spin in Milwaukee, the game depends on spin to get the point.

"For any shot, you need a lot of spin to keep the ball in," Sagadin said.

The same can't be said for the spins in the auditorium of Lambeau Field or on the airwaves of a radio station.

"We've had no internal discussions about shutting Rodgers down," McCarthy said Wednesday -- as Rodgers said on ESPN 540 Radio: "It's just going to be a waiting game."

While no answers seem clear at this point, it is clear the fans want a resolution.

"It's always better to know. As a fan, you want to know," Sagadin said.