"Every child is special:" Hitting the golf course to benefit "Every Child's Place in Kenosha

KENOSHA (WITI) -- Rejection isn't easy for anyone to take. That's especially true for parents of youngsters with special needs who have been told they can't be helped. Fortunately, there's a place in Kenosha for "every" child.

There's nothing like swinging the old club on the golf course -- even if you don't swing it that well. Recently, FOX6's Tom Pipines was "Putting with a Purpose" for Every Child's Place in Kensoha.

"This is a place where everything is about the children in every way. Everything we do is about enhancing their lives -- enriching the quality of their lives -- making them happy," Ginny Brydges, Executive Director of Every Child's Place said.

Brydges is a speech language pathologist. She had a vision to open her arms to children.

"Over the years, I just thought -- wouldn't it be great if we had a building, a place where children could come, of all abilities, and get all of their therapies throughout the day, so that parents could go back to work or their parents could go out to lunch or do whatever they needed to do. Children that come to (Every Child's Place) are typically developing, or they're children that are exhibiting some special needs. We work with everyone because we feel every child is special," Brydges said.

Karen Florjancic couldn't be more grateful. She's blessed with two children -- including a son, Henry, who has autism.

"As a parent, it's scary because you really don't know what the future holds for some of these little guys, but just seeing the day-to-day commitment that they make to your children -- it's just hard to describe in words how much it means to parents and how much it puts us at ease -- to be able to know that they're in an environment where they're loved and cared for and that other people understand them as well," Florjancic said.

People, such as Hannah Alfredson, an assistant teacher at Every Child's Place for the past three summers.

"It's so rewarding. It's just the best experience. It's just the greatest feeling you could ever ask for. These kids give us so much back, and we just try to give them as much as possible. Whatever you get back, it's thousands of times better. It's great," Alfredson said.

"The best part about working at Every Child's Place is how supportive the staff is of the children's needs and putting the children's needs first. The staff really rallies around that. (The kids) are awesome. It's rewarding to work with these kids every day," Stephan Labarre, a lead teacher at Every Child's Place.

Another person who loves working with kids who have special needs of any kind is Kerry Glenn -- a former defensive back and special teams ace for the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

Glenn supports Every Child's Place's mission.

"When I went to Every Child's Place and Ginny was showing me around, one of the most gratifying things to me is that she was telling me how far these kids have come from the first time they checked in. I like hearing stories like that. It makes me happy," Glenn said.

With all due respect to the former NFL player, the kids at Every Child's Place who, with love and encouragement have made more strides than many might have ever thought possible are the real stars.

"The most gratifying part is when a parent comes in -- and I hope I don't get choked up, and tells me that they had no hope before we came to Every Child's Place, and as they're leaving that day and picking up their child, they say, 'now we have hope,'" Brydges said.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Every Child's Place -- located on 30th Avenue in Kenosha.