DSHA junior bringing her family's competitive spirit to the court

This Divine Savior Holy Angels junior has the talent to win the gold on her own, but she is all about the team.

That's what makes Carolyn Schaefer this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Family means a lot to Schaefer since it is so intertwined in her tennis life.

"I started playing when I was around five," said Schaefer. "My dad played in college, so he taught me and my younger siblings for pretty much our whole life. He's still my coach today. It's really fun. We have a lot of fun playing as a family and my dad and I have a lot of fun competing against each other."

During her sophomore season, Schaefer and the Dashers went all the way to state, but fell short in the championship match with Neenah.

"I learned a lot about how to play for a team because I've been playing tournaments outside of high school tennis just for myself and I love being part of a team and having my win count for my team," Schaefer said.

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Schaefer was also one of the youngest competitors in the individual state bracket, and advanced all the way to the quarterfinals before bowing out.

She's doing everything that she can to go back.

"I've been working really hard this summer, and I've been working on different parts of my game," said Schaefer. "I've really been working on my volleys, so I think that will help me this year. I've been playing a lot of tournaments outside of Wisconsin, a lot in Indiana, Michigan, and I think that will help me get ready."

When she isn't traveling around the country to play tennis, the competition really heats up in her backyard when she's taking on her brother or sister in pickleball.

"We're very competitive, and we have some intense pickleball, ping pong matches at our house," Schaefer said. "Yeah, there is yelling. It does get pretty intense."