Cristo Rey Jesuit senior finds 'something bigger' than himself

Adrian Ramirez was introduced to soccer in an elementary school gym class.

Now he has helped lead his Cristo Rey Jesuit to the biggest stage of competition.

That's what makes him this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"My gym teacher at the time was Spanish, so he was like really obsessed with soccer," said Ramirez. "He seen my interest in the sport. I liked the flair that came with the sport and how you could express your creativity through it."

Ramirez has been on the pitch ever since.

This season, he was critical to the Trail Blazers success as he scored two goals during their playoff run.

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"The feeling was, it was great," Ramirez said. "It was something that you dream for. It's a feeling that reminds you of the little kid that was intrigued with the sport, not only because they watched their idols play but because they watched it on the biggest stage."

That stage saw Ramirez and the Trailblazers win the school's first Gold Ball.

"I realized that this was something bigger than just myself," said Ramirez. "I realize this represented the community that had brought me into the sport. The ones who felt it the most were the seniors like myself. We started, we could say, from basically nothing. We didn't have a field. We remember running almost a mile every day in order to go to your local field and be able to practice. We came from nothing, and we were able to achieve something as big as this."