Burlington quartet shock themselves with a national championship

Zoe Lipor, Madeline Thompson, Megan Fitch, and Genevieve Hauser are all students at Burlington High School.

All four girls have beautiful singing voices.

Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

That's what makes the Yet To Be Named Quartet this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shots.

"We were sitting in the front row holding hands," they said. "And they announced third place. We were like there is no way we did better than them. And then they announced second, and it still wasn't us. And then we see him start to form the Y after he says first place."

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Going into the Next Generation Barbershop Quartet Competition, Lipor, Thompson, Fitch, and Hauser did not think they would be the last team standing.

But they were.

"He said YTBN," they said. "We pop up! We all jumped up and started screaming and crying. We were just screaming so loudly. It really felt like being Miss America, or something."

The girls will continue to take their group on the road.

Recently, they sang the national anthem at a Milwaukee Admirals game and will perform at a harmony festival and stage dedication later this spring.