Brown Deer softball player hits four homers in game

BROWN DEER -- Not many high school athletes can match Brewers' Ryan Braun's power hitting. In Monday night (April 30th)'s game against the San Diego Padres in California, Braun slammed three home runs -- his first triple-homer game. But FOX6's Tom Pipines found a high school player that did Braun one better!

Not many girls high school softball players can match the feat of Brown Deer High School's Nicole Bublitz. In a recent game at St. Thomas More, Bublitz smacked four consecutive home runs!

"We were in shock and awe. Four home runs and she came up the first time and hit one that really went far, and then they kept pitching to her, and she kept hitting them out. We were just in shock. We scored 11 runs and she had six RBIs," Brown Deer head softball coach Jeff Bersch said.

It's an accomplishment that's hard to digest. Like Braun, who bought a smoothie before Monday night's three-homer game in California, it was Bublitz' diet on gameday that may have given her the boost.

"Fajitas. That's all we can say. She had fajitas for lunch and it's just like, can you eat fajitas every game day?" Brown Deer sophomore Megan Rogers said.

"When it hit the bat, the first one, I knew it was over the fence. Then I came up again not expecting to get another pitch to hit, but hit it over again, and again, and again, and then I finally got hit by a pitch," Bublitz said.

All kidding aside, Bublitz is a champion off the diamond as well. She's a top 10 student in her class, with a desire to make a difference in life. "We went and did some soup kitchens during the winter, around Christmas time, and it's just great to see the smiles on people's faces, seeing us come out to help them. It makes me more grateful for everything I have," Bublitz said.

Bublitz also serves as the Falcons' pitcher. In fact, the day she hit the four homers, she struck out 10 batters.

Bublitz plans to play softball in college and maybe beyond.

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