Brown Deer senior known as the 'shoe reseller'

When Brown Deer senior Ben Skebba isn't swinging his racket, you can probably find him strolling the hallways trying to make some money.

That's what makes him this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I joined a summer program, I want to say it was sixth grade," said Skebba. "I didn't want to. My mother made me. I ended up having a good time. Freshman year came and me and my friend decided, why not just join tennis."

Tennis might not have been on Skebba's mind at first, but he is slowly growing into it.

"I feel like I am getting slowly better at both [singles and doubles]," Skebba said. "I am semi decent at both, but not really good at either."

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Skebba's first love may be his growing business.

He says he is known as "the guy to buy shoes off of."

"I usually stick with shoes because I personally like shoes," said Skebba. "But you can do it with anything. People do it with houses. Buying something at a lower cost. Finding a buyer that would buy it for a higher price."

Skebba says he has been pretty successful with his reselling.

"The most coveted shoe I had was a Nike Off-White Dunk," he said. "That was a pretty decent come up from one shoe, you know, buy a shoe one day sell it the next day and then, boom, you profit 400 to 500 dollars."

Ben wanted to buy his tennis coach's high brand jacket because he knew it had a high resale market, but coach passed on the offer.

He's hoping to attend UWM on a business degree and open his own retail/resale store someday.