Brookfield East swimmer leaving records in her wake

She's a two-time state champion and looking to cap off her career with a third. 

One Brookfield East senior is trying to leave a slew of records in her wake and that's why she's this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"Swimming has been a big part of my family for a very long time," said Abby Wanezek. "Both of my parents swam collegiately as well as some of my aunts and uncles as well. So that's just always been kind of in the family."

Abby Wanezek has been in the pool since she was two-years-old. Her parents both swam for Division I programs and she will do the same.

"I'm excited to keep swimming in college. I'll be swimming at the University of Wisconsin-Madison," Wanezek said. "I just fell in love with the team and the coaches, and their whole recruiting process was super exciting. [My parents] fully supported my decision and I'm really excited for the next chapter. It's going be great."

Wanezek owns three state meet records and has a few more she wants to set by the end of this season.

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But while she has individual goals on her mind, she is all about the team.

"Especially for high school swim and even club swim as well, I really try and focus more on the team," said Wanezek. "I'm like, "Oh, I really want to swim this race for the team," especially on relays and stuff like that. I am just thinking about the best way I can score the most points for the team. I can better my team."

As one of the fastest high school swimmers in the country, Wanezek is always trying to best her previous times.

She says it's all about her daily routine.

"It's a lot of like mental preparing," Wanezek said. "You have to kind of do a lot of visualization and I like to think about each time at practice, how can I keep getting better so that I can keep ticking away at those times and getting even faster."