Brewers gearing up to welcome fans with something new

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Brewers are gearing up to welcome fans to Miller Park with things they've never seen before. This, after coming off a division title and the league championship series.

The Brewers are already on a pace to sell a record number of tickets. But that won't be all the team is looking to sell.

The team has added a new store behind home plate on the club level concourse of Miller Park. It's a throwback to the days when Bernie Brewer had a chalet at County Stadium. Fans can buy custom-made Brewers gear there.

The Brewers have also released a new series of TV commercials to promote the new season and the team. Among the stars in these TV spots -- Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Last season, the Brewers were one of nine MLB clubs to draw more than 3 millions fans. Only 6 teams packed more fans in 2011 - the Phillies, Yankees, Giants, Twins, Angels and Cardinals.

The team also will expand its dynamic ticket-pricing program. Last year, it was used for only three games; it will be in effect for nine in 2012. Essentially, it allows for flexibility with ticket prices. For example, a Loge Outfield Box seat will cost $42 for Saturday's game against St. Louis but is priced at $16 for the May 7 game vs. Cincinnati. However, the prices can change depending on the teams' records, weather, and pitching match-up.

“We’re trying to learn what the right prices are for our tickets," Schlesinger said, "And the one thing we do know is supply and demand change on factors.”

As for the opening series, Friday's game is sold out. Schlesinger says a few tickets are available for Saturday's game but is expecting a sell-out. The most tickets are available for Sunday's series finale.