Brewers pitcher Suter answers the call with children's book

Brent Suter answers many calls with the Brewers: reliever, spot starter, players union rep, and now, he can add another title to the business card.

"You're an author," said FOX6's Tim Van Vooren. "What's the backstory, no pun intended?"

"So, I had just offhandedly mentioned that I had written a poem/story thing for my son a couple of years ago," said Suter. "[I] mentioned it in an article, and a publisher saw that.  A local publisher called Orange Hat Publishing reached out to me and said, ‘Hey, we saw you wrote a story. We want to read it.’"

"The Binky Bandit" is based on life at home with the Suters and supplemented by captivating illustrations and a focus on environmentalism.

"Made a kids' book, and here we are," Suter said. "It's coming out next month, June 6, if you want to get it."

(FOX6 News Milwaukee)

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He's the longest-tenured member of the Brewers and thus, pretty well known. However, Brent could be on the verge of being usurped by the youngest member of the Suter family and the Binky Bandit himself.

"Brought it home and showed it to Liam, and he was like, 'That's Wally!' That's our dog's name, and I turned to the back and was like, 'That's Liam and Mommy and Daddy,'" Suter said. "He loved it, thought it was really cool. Then I'd read him the story a bunch before, but then with the illustrations, he was engaged to a whole new level."

"Wally, I don't think he's getting it," joked Suter. "I tried to show him the book, and he was just kind of like, 'Where's the treat?'"

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Truth be told, this whole experience has been kind of a treat.

"It is a great little diversion," Suter said. "It helps. Maybe a great little outlet away from baseball, for sure, and with the teammates, too, it's like, a bonding – way to bond with them, with our kids kind of thing. Just like, everyone reading the book and having fun with it and all of that kind of stuff."

Get ready for the versatile Suter's latest delivery.